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National Post (Anja Karadeglija, 25 August 2021)
Pervasive role of algorithms in daily life raises concerns over need for government oversight

Law Bytes (Podcast) (Michael Geist, 23 August 2021)
‘They Just Seemed Not to Listen to Any of Us’ — Cynthia Khoo on the Canadian Government’s Online Harms Consultation

Lawyer’s Daily (Donalee Moulton, 4 June 2021)
LEAF calls on feds to hold companies accountable for online violence

CBA National (Brigitte Pellerin, 13 May 2021)
Deplatforming Misogyny

CBA National (Dale Smith, 5 May 2021)
Careful when regulating web giants as broadcasters

Wire Report (Jenna Cocullo, 30 April 2021)
Regulator needed to deal with tech-facilitated gender violence: report(paywalled)

Canadian Lawyer (Zena Olijnyk, 28 April 2021)
Federal legal reform needed to protect women and marginalized groups from abuse on digital platforms

The Tyee (Bryan Carnee, 23 November 2020)
RCMP Confirms It Bought a Tool that ‘Unlocks’ Hidden Facebook Friends

The Agenda with Steve Paikin (Jeyan Jeganathan, 29 September 2020)
Algorithmic Policing” (YouTube)

This Matters (Podcast, Toronto Star) (Raju Mudhar, 15 September 2020)
The ABC’s (algorithms, big tech and cops) of predictive policing and surveillance

National Post (Canadian Press) (Michelle McQuigge, 1 September 2020)
Minority report? How police in Canada are already using technology to predict future crimes

The Tyee (Bryan Carney, 1 September 2020)
Report Calls for Moratorium on Police Use of AI to Predict Crimes

The Logic (Murad Hemmadi, 1 September 2020)
Research group calls for pause on emerging use of algorithmic policing in Canada

Lawyer’s Daily (John Schofield, 1 September 2020)
Report warns against increasing use of algorithmic policing technology (Justin Ling, 25 October 2019)
Palantir’s big push into Canada

Vancouver Sun (Michelle McQuigge, 2 October 2019)
Toronto’s Pearson airport to use Vancouver company’s AI-powered technology to detect weapons

ELLE Canada (Wing Sze Tang, 2 October 2019)
Is Your Smartphone Spying on You?

The Wire Report (Anja Karadeglija, 17 September 2019)
Green Party platform: no anonymous social media, 5G rollout on hold (The Engine Room) (Lorraine Chuen, 4 September 2019)
Addressing stalkerware and gender-based abuse through data protection law

Financial Times (Camilla Hodgson, 18 July 2019)
Inside the secretive world of stalking apps

The Lawyer’s Daily (Amanda Jerome, 13 June 2019)
Knowledge gaps regarding spyware used for abuse need to be addressed, researcher says”

Toronto Star (Kate Allen, 12 June 2019)
Legal gaps allow cellphone ‘stalkerware’ to thrive, researchers say

Maclean’s (Shannon Proudfoot, 26 September 2018)
What happens when artificial intelligence comes to Ottawa

Canadian Lawyer (Aidan Macnab, 26 September 2018)
“Report says use of AI could be violating human rights

Toronto Star (Nicholas Keung, 26 September 2018)
“Researchers raise alarm over use of artificial intelligence in immigration and refugee decision-making

Beyond the Headlines (Podcast) (Jasper Parades, Mary Shin, Tom Piezkarski, Ian T. D. Thomson, 20 April 2018)
Net Neutrality in the Canadian Context

Business Insider (Rob Price, 7 April 2018)
Facebook’s plan to let users ‘unsend’ messages could boost harassment and bullying, experts warn

Yahoo Canada News (Elisabetta Bianchini, 27 November 2017)
What Canadians need to know about net neutrality

MobileSyrup (Rose Behar & Sameer Chhabra, 29 November 2017)
Here’s everything you need to know about Canada’s unlocking fee ban

Tiffany Sostar (Tiffany Sostar, 12 November 2017)
Digital Self-Care: An Interview with Cynthia Khoo” 

Law Times (Michael McKiernan, 12 June 2017)
Focus: U.S.and Canada diverge on net neutrality” 

TRT World (18 May 2017)
The Newsmakers: Net Neutrality” 

IT World Canada (Eric Emin Wood, 24 April 2017)
Could CRTC ruling against zero-rating be a boon for ISPs and businesses?” 

Via Satellite (Juliet Van Wagenen, 18 January 2017)
Canada on Path to Provide High Speed Internet to All” 

Forbes (Katheryn Thayer, 17 October 2014)
Secrecy-Shrouded TPP Leaks Alarm Internet Freedom Advocates” 

Redeye, Vancouver Co-op Radio, CFRO 100.5FM (26 July 2014)
Free Access To Online Information Under Threat From TPP” 


Deplatforming Misogyny (Panel, co-hosted by The eQuality Project at University of Ottawa Faculty of Law, Institute for Feminist Legal Studies at Osgoode Hall Law School, and University of Ottawa Centre for Law, Technology and Society, 28 April 2021)

The Technology and Structural Inequality Series: Policing and Technology (Panel, Center for the Study of Race and Ethnicity in America, co-hosted with Computing for the People Project, Department of Computer Science, Brown University, 10 March 2021)

Police Surveillance Technology and the Transformation of Public Space (Panel, Munk School of Global Affairs & Public Policy, University of Toronto, 17 November 2020)

Algorithmic Policing and Surveillance in Canada: The Defining Role of Reliability, Necessity and Proportionality in 21st-Century Oversight (Presentation and seminar delivered as part of the Queen’s University Surveillance Studies Centre Seminar Series, Kingston, ON / Virtually, 11 November 2020)

Digital Platforms and Violence against Women: User Experiences, Best Practices, and the Law (Video) (Webinar, Centre for Research & Education on Violence Against Women & Children, 20 October 2020)

Algorithmic Policing and the Canadian Charter (Video) (Public talk delivered as part of uOttawa Centre for Law, Technology and Society #CLTSVirtualTalk Series, 7 October 2020)

To Surveil and Predict: A Human Rights Analysis of Algorithmic Policing in Canada (Video) (Public talk delivered as part of Ethics of AI in Context speaker series, Centre for Ethics at University of Toronto, 5 October 2020)

Algorithmic Policing and the Art of the (Constitutionally?) Probable (Guest lecture presented at “Technology and the Chartercourse by Lex Gill, at McGill University Faculty of Law, 21 July 2020)

Law Reform Approaches to Technology-Facilitated Gender-Based Violence and Abuse (Webinar panel for the Canadian Bar Association and Women’s Legal Education and Action Fund [LEAF], 16 July 2020)

The Unimportance of Being Unintended: Digital Platform Harms and Reasonable Foreseeability (Video) (Slide Deck) (Public talk delivered as part of uOttawa Centre for Law, Technology and Society #CLTSVirtualTalk Series, 3 June 2020)

Stalkerware 101: What You Need to Know (Presentation delivered at the 7th Annual Gathering of Family Court Support Workers in Toronto, ON, 2 October 2019)

Uninstalling Fear: What can the law do about stalkerware surveillance and abuse? (Presentation and seminar delivered as part of the Queen’s University Surveillance Studies Centre Seminar Series, Kingston, ON, 25 September 2019)

TELUS v. Wellman: Consumer Rights, Class Action, and Access to Justice at the Supreme Court of Canada (Post-hearing panel discussion with counsel from various parties, University of Ottawa, 6 November 2018)

AI and Decision-Making: Basics, policy, application, and GoC perspectives (Panelist, Ottawa Law & Technology Meetup, Shopify, 1 November 2018)

Convergence, Competition and Common Carriage in the Review of the Telecommunications Act and Broadcasting Act (Panelist, Media Industries and Network Society course by Dr. Dwayne Winseck at Carleton University, 4 October 2018)

Shooting the Messenger? Intermediary Liability & Harmful Online Speech (Panelist, McGill University Faculty of Law, 14 March 2018)

Canadian International Law Students Conference 2018: International Cyber Law Panel (Panelist, Osgoode Hall Law School and University of Toronto Faculty of Law, 9 March 2018)


Against Platform Determinism (3 March 2021)

  • Draft paper accepted for peer workshopping: “All Posts Aren’t Created Equal: A Call for Substantive Equality in Platform Content Moderation”

We Robot (22-25 September 2020)

Citizen Lab Summer Institute (31 July – 1 August 2019)

Automated Decision-Making in the Criminal Justice System (22 May 2019)

  • Current and Potential Uses of AI in Criminal Law in Canada (Moderator)
  • Predictive Policing: Exploring the Tough Questions (Workshop Facilitator)

RightsCon Toronto (16-18 May 2018)

BEA2018: Annual Convention of Broadcast Education Association (7 April 2018)

RightsCon Brussels (29-31 May 2017)

  • Making Facebook Pay (for the News) (lightning talk)
  • Choosing Your Battle (Terrain): Digital Rights Advocacy and Capturing the Grounds of Debate (workshop)
  • The Digital is the Political: Anti-Oppression Resistance and an Introduction to Migrant Rights for Digital Advocates (roundtable)
  • Net Neutrality Planet: What’s Next in the Global Fight for an Open Internet (panel)

Future of First Nations, Inuit, and Métis Broadcasting (16 June 2017)

  • CRTC Interventions 101: A Nuts-and-Bolts Workshop on All the Logistical Details You Never Wanted (But Need) to Know (Slide Deck)

Annenberg-Oxford Media Policy Summer Institute (July 2017)

  • Loss in the Time of Convergence: A Tale of Media Woes and Internet Foes (Or: How to Save News Media without Breaking the Internet)